Zero Friction Ladies’ Compression-Fit Synthetic Golf Gloves Review

Zero Friction Ladies' Compression-Fit Synthetic Golf Gloves Review

Among all golf accessories, the golf glove is actually the most ignored. There are even players who only wear the item just so they will not get calluses and blisters on their hands. They do not have any idea that an excellent golf glove can, in fact, enhance their capability on the links.

The best glove should be capable of fitting your hand so that you will feel as if you are not wearing one. It should stay secure and in place, without the need for the strap to be readjusted every now and then. In case you need more information about golf gloves, read more of this review.

Women who play golf should pay attention and discover what golf gloves, particularly the Zero Friction Ladies’ Compression-Fit Synthetic Golf Gloves, can do for them.


  • Has synthetic digitized patch and palm for excellent, all-weather grip
  • Smooth palm construction and feel offers steady, yet comfortable grip all over the club
  • Includes black mesh Lycra material through each finger, palm and back of hand for excellent breathability and cooler temperature
  • Made with quality, durable fabricHas free single ZFV 5-Prong performance tee and removable ball marker
  • Comes in universal fit/one size


One fact about the golf glove is that while many professionals and amateurs are using them, the glove is not really a requirement. However due to its advantages, many are now endorsing its use. The golf glove is usually taken off when a player needs to putt or take short iron shots. This is crucial since players often want to feel the face of the club over the course of the impact.

Golf gloves are meant to offer excellent grip and control for players, but in certain circumstances, they are not really required.

But for taking swings, this is where a golf glove like the Ladies’ Compression-Fit from Zero Friction immensely contributes. The surface of golf gloves is often viscous compared to human skin. Due to its tackiness, this aids in preventing the club from rotating and slipping out of the hand of the player.

If you are the kind of player who has a loose grip, then this item will help in producing friction between your grip and your gloved lead hand.

Weather conditions can also affect your play, and this is another advantage of the golf glove. The majority of golf gloves are designed to be moisture resistant so you can still play under damp weather conditions.

While a golf glove is usually worn only on one hand, which is the lead hand, during colder weather you can wear them on both; this is to protect your hands from the cold and sustain dryness and warmth during the game. Then again, not protecting your hands from the cold can lead to subpar swings because your hands will be too rigid while playing in chilly conditions.

There are some important considerations you have to mind when choosing a golf glove. First, you have to tackle the material. This Zero Friction glove for ladies is made with a synthetic, durable material. It is known that synthetic materials oftentimes provide better flexibility compared to their leather counterparts, which is always a plus.

They are also more durable and have more give compared to leather. This model has an excellent construction and has a universal size, meaning it can fit the majority of women’s hand sizes. The feel of this glove is great; it is comfortable to wear as is with most quality synthetic golf gloves, and it retains its shape well.

For better breathability, the glove comes with black mesh Lycra on the palm, through each finger, and the back of the hand. This means that your hand will stay cooler and it will keep away sweating for a more comfortable grip. If you feel comfortable wearing the glove, then chances are your swing will be solid.


The Compression-Fit Synthetic Golf Gloves for ladies has its choice qualities and features but it did display one specific setback: The upper palm of the product rather quickly succumbed to wear.


The Zero Friction Ladies’ Compression-Fit Synthetic Golf Gloves is something lady golfers should check out if they are looking for a quality golf glove to enhance their game. It comes with great construction, excelled in terms of performance, has features that will provide comfort and breathability and will dutifully offer you the solid grip that you are after.