Wilson Staff Men’s Grip Regular Soft Golf Gloves Review

Wilson Staff Men’s Grip Regular Soft Golf Gloves Review

It can be tricky maintaining a good, steady grip on a golf club, particularly if your lead hand is on the sweaty side. The club can either shift or twist between hitting the ball and the swing’s movement.

Even the slightest turn of your hand, or a bit of slip can change the club’s alignment and this can result in a hook or a slice. To prevent this problem, you can wear a golf glove like the Wilson Staff Men’s Grip Regular Soft Golf Gloves.

The golf glove provides a stickier surface for the club so chances of slippage are further reduced. Because your lead hand is gloved, the club is protected from the moisture and sweatiness coming from the hand. This leads to a better grip on the club and a better swing.


  • New multiple-layer construction has functional way of using materials
  • Upper hand is made from new advanced fabric that can enhance fit
  • Palm is made with new synthetic leather for better durability
  • Thumb and palm feature Cabretta leather patches for improved feel, grip, and durability
  • Has anti-microbial mesh located between fingers to get rid of moisture and heat
  • Has new design closure tab for a secure and comfortable feel


Many golfers claim that you don’t really need golf gloves. However, we will highlight that it has profound advantages every golfer can take advantage of, especially if they have a hard time creating a solid grip on their club.

In fact, many pros have realized the importance of owning one and they also wear the item in tournaments. Golf gloves, like the Staff Men’s Grip Regular Soft golf gloves from Wilson, have their helpful features which make them worthy enough to be included in your game gear.

The hands are the parts of the body which come in contact with the club, helping you grip the club and improving your play. The grip on the club is essential because it will have an effect on the outcome of a swing.

If you lose your grip, this can lead to a loss of control over the club and of course, a bad swing. Now you know why a good number of pros and amateurs have finally gotten the hang out of using the item.

Golfers who tend to swing hard or grip the club too tightly are susceptible to acquiring calluses and blisters. The glove can help minimize blisters, plus aid in sustaining a correct grip on the club. This boosts the chance of a player taking an excellent swing.

The golf glove is also useful as protection against the elements. Normally you only use a single glove, which is worn by the lead hand. But with colder and damp weather, you can always wear two for maximum warmth and dryness throughout a game.

Buying a golf glove will entail important considerations. If you have been eyeing this Wilson model and want to hear more about the item, we will discuss the product more. The model is designed with a combination of quality materials like Cabretta leather and synthetic leather.

Cabretta leather is the most popular choice among materials due to its suppleness and excellent feel, while synthetic fabrics are praised for their durability. Combined with the Wilson Staff Men’s Grip golf gloves, users will get to enjoy the joint advantages of these materials.

The Cabretta leather thumb and palm segments are there to improve the player’s grip. The design is very ergonomic and the upper hand features advanced material which further enhances the fit of the glove all over the user’s hand.

The product provides excellent breathability due to the inclusion of anti-microbial mesh. The mesh parts are situated between fingers to prevent moisture and heat buildup. In addition, the fit of the glove is great and it provides players with a solid grip.


The Men’s Grip from Wilson is a very good product and you can consider this a worthwhile investment. However, you have to take some time to break this one in. The wait is worth it though.


In case you want to try out a golf glove, the Wilson Staff Men’s Grip Regular Soft Golf Gloves is a great recommendation. It has an ergonomic structure, top-notch breathability, is made with prime Cabretta and synthetic leather materials, and has an overall excellent construction which makes it worth the purchase.