What Golf Gloves Do Pros Wear During Tournaments?

What Golf Gloves Do Pros Wear During Tournaments

Wearing a golf glove is not exactly a requirement to play a game of golf. However many have depended on its properties to improve their swings. The glove is typically donned on the golfer’s lead hand. This lead hand is the hand positioned on top of the grip. Players who are right handed should wear a glove on their left hand, while those who are left-handed should sport the item on their right hand.

The majority of golfers wear gloves but there are also players who prefer playing without gloves for putting and short-iron shots for a better feel of the club when hitting the ball. Golf gloves provide benefits for the player, so what golf gloves do pros wear?

But before we go into this question, here are some of the reasons why amateurs and pros choose to wear gloves:

For a better grip

One primary reason to wear a golf glove is to improve and steady the grip before a swing. The surface of a golf glove is tackier compared to the skin, which can sweat especially in hotter weather. Due to the glove’s viscous surface, the club will adhere more and the glove will prevent it from slipping.

Golfers who have slack grips might discover the benefits of using one. Weather plays a huge part in every outdoor game; thus, these gloves might be worn in distinct settings like damp or cold weather to enhance grip.

For preventing calluses and blisters

Constantly gripping the golf club in a tight manner, and the frequent swinging often leads to the formation of blisters and calluses. Wearing a glove can minimize the chances of calluses and blisters from developing. Furthermore, a number of golfers often tape the parts of their hands which are susceptible to blisters.

For providing warmth

What golf gloves do pros wear in cold weather while playing? Of course, they wear either models that are made from synthetic or leather materials. Golf gloves are available in a selection of sizes and materials which can suit differing preferences and weather conditions.

Some manufacturers make weather-specific models that can tolerate cold and damp weather. They are often sold in pairs and it is suggested that golfers wear gloves on both hands while playing in cold weather.

Those made for winter are designed to maintain warmth and dryness in order to avoid stiffness and let players sustain a more natural, reliable grip. Rain gloves, in turn, combat moisture and allow wearers to clutch the club comfortably and steadily in wet weather conditions.

So this now brings us to what golf gloves pros wear during a match. Here are some of the most popular choices.

Nike Dura Feel VIII All-Weather Men’s Golf Gloves for Left Hand

This model from Nike is considered to be the most durable among the lot. The gloves are designed with a high-quality build and include perforated panels that aim to combat sweaty hands and keep them dry even on the hottest summer day.

It features an ergonomic design which makes the item a great fit on and off the green. They are built with synthetic leather material and this material is excellent if you are after gloves that are lightweight and have some stretch to them.

MG Golf DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather Golf Glove for Men

Looking for a good pair of golf gloves for men can be a bit of a challenge due to the availability of brands on the market these days. However, if you want the best, consider those worn by professionals in the sport. It is suggested that in order to improve your game, you have to go after equipment that is endorsed by the pros, but of course, this is not true.

The DynaGrip All-Cabretta model from MG Golf has one of the best fits. It is made with authentic sturdy and durable leather that will not become rigid as soon as it is filled with moisture. They provide a top-notch, customized fit and nice feel. They are moisture-resistant so you can don the glove in damp weather without sacrificing your steady, solid grip.

Intech Ti-Cabretta Golf Glove for Women

If you are after gloves worn by pros, then check out Intech’s Ti-Cabretta model. It provides a superior performance that will keep your grip steady at all times.

It features an ergonomic design that has a specific type of palm structure that performs the task of safeguarding hands from bruising, blisters, calluses and injuries. It offers excellent durability together with lots of flex; hence, it is one of the most top-rated golf gloves for women today.