Under Armour Men’s CoolSwitch Golf Glove Review

Under Armour Men's CoolSwitch Golf Glove Review

Under Armour is a brand that offers exclusive and unique sports gear for men, women and even kids. They produce almost all types of sports gear for all kinds of sports. This diversity has come to position the brand and its products as expensive compared to most competing brands.

Just as many other popular and reputable brands, Under Armour has managed to stay at the top of the market for a very long time. This is due to the quality of products that the brand continues to offer its customers.

Moreover, the brand works tirelessly to ensure that clients have various product options to choose from. CoolSwitch is an amazing collection of men’s golf gloves and is a clear manifestation of the quality Under Armour incorporates when producing their sports gear.

The CoolSwitch men’s golf gloves are designed to help golfers have control over their strokes, protect their hands from injury and improve their overall game.


There are many unique features that these golf gloves offer. Its strongest features being the moisture absorption and heat regulating technique. I can bet that these Under Armour gloves are the best golf gloves you will get at this price and these kinds of features. Here are the features in detail;

  • These Under Armour gloves feature construction made of soft Cabretta leather and other fibers. It also features UA CoolSwitch technology that utilizes a unique coating on the insides. This all leather construction and design makes the gloves a super comfortable and durable product while the inside technology helps to regulate heat in your body.
  • The Premium Grip system featured in the gloves helps make them snug on your palms and fingers, providing you with a firm grip and maximum control over your strokes.
  • The Moisture Transport system is well innovated and incorporated into the gloves to make it perform its functions better. It works to wick sweat away from your body when playing. This allows you to stay cool and refreshed throughout the round.
  • The Micro-perf ventilation serves a similar purpose to the moisture transport system. The difference is that the former allows air to freely penetrate and circulate in the gloves, thus preventing your hands from sweating during play.


As a product from a popular and reputable brand, these CoolSwitch gloves are evidently the best version of the golf glove. Owning a single glove or pair of these gloves will enable you to enjoy the following benefits;

  • Comfort – Comfort is relatively subjective, but even so, it is a must have in any golf glove. If you read through the various reviews on Under Armour products, you will realize that comfort is often mentioned in most of their sports It isn’t any different with the Under Armour CoolSwitch golf gloves. The point is that these gloves will keep you comfortable while playing. Thanks to the snug fit design of the gloves, once you slip your hands into them you will find them very comfortable.
  • Efficiency – The point of wearing protective gear like gloves when golfing is to improve the quality of your game. These gloves, together with all their features, will assure you of better play that includes better strokes, longer durations of play and improved control.
  • Moisture Absorbent – Golf, like any other sport, is intense and can also be affected by little things like sudden weather changes or even sweat. But with this item, golfers can relax. The technology and innovation used to design the gloves work to absorb moisture and regulate heat distribution in the body.
  • Perfect Fit – Not all gloves fit properly, even if you get the recommended size. Some have a very small fit while some may have a large or wide fit. Some, however, are true to size. These Under Armour golf gloves have an input closure that gives an excellent fit, perfectly customized to your size.


  • Although the manufacturers of this product boast of quality, comfort and good fit, the only problem that most users have complained about is compromised quality. The glove rips out quicker than expected.
  • It is quite a hassle to slide in and out of the pockets of these gloves


Knowing the quality and performance of a product comes not only from firsthand experience, but also from detailed reviews like this one. Previous customer reviews and ratings can help as well. All this will clearly tell you if a product is worth the price or not. To be clear, these golf gloves are of excellent quality, and I can confidently recommend them to users who want value for their money.

The hand orientation for CoolSwitch men’s golf gloves is right-handed, so ensure you take note of this when buying this product.