Titleist Golf MLH Perma-Soft Golf Glove Review

Titleist Golf MLH Perma-Soft Golf Glove Review

The best golf glove will prove to be a big help to your game. However, most players ignore this item and invest more on clubs and other obvious accessories for the sport. It pays to buy a quality golf glove since it provides benefits, not only to help with your game.

Not all golf gloves are created in the same manner, and gloves come from a variety of brands which are all distinctive. But due to the wide selection of gloves on the market, looking for the right one can be tricky; it’s great that we have reviews to gather more information about golf gloves.

In this article, we are going to review the Titleist Golf MLHG Perma-Soft Golf Glove.


  • Made with quality Cabretta leather
  • Provides a supple, comfortable feel
  • Can resist moisture
  • Capable of retaining gripping qualities
  • Offers durability and excellent value
  • CoolMax and regular mesh panel
  • Offers improved fit, breathability, and comfort during hand movement
  • Good sewing construction and dependable seam placement
  • Includes satin reinforcement at the thumb and cuff
  • Enhanced tear strength


Now that you know on which hand you are going to wear the glove, you can decide on the fit. Selecting a good golf glove involves looking for the right size and fit. The product comes in sizes that will fit men, women, junior sizes and sizes that will suit people with disabilities. This Titleist Perma-Soft is for men’s use and it has a great fit that will flawlessly conform to your lead hand.

Other features that you have to look for in a golf glove are the level of comfort it can provide, breathability, style and the material it is made of. To make a wise buying decision, always make sure to buy a glove that comfortably fits your hand.

Based on the weather in your location and personal needs, you should select a glove material that will suit you best. The Perma-Soft from Titleist is designed from quality Cabretta leather; thus, it provides a really soft and natural feel. Cabretta leather is considered the best leather material for golf gloves; this leather is acquired from goat hide.

If you are after comfort, you should go for gloves that have a soft quality like this model. Oftentimes, thicker gloves get brittle and rigid due to frequent use. The model is also moisture-resistant which is great for golfers who tend to sweat while playing the game.

These days, a majority of glove manufacturers provide leather materials with specific properties to give them moisture-resisting properties so players can still use the item in damp and cold weather conditions. These gloves with moisture-combating qualities tend to be more durable and are more playable compared to other gloves.

Some complain that initially, new leather golf gloves are a pain to wear, but the glove has to feel snug and a bit tight from the start so it can stretch and grow comfortable on the player’s hand over time. The Perma-Soft, as the name suggests is quite soft to the feel, yet at the same time, does its job of providing a tacky surface for the club.

Another great feature of the glove is that it has finger stitching which runs down the side of the fingers; thus, it will help steer clear of gripping issues. It also has a satin-lined wristband which minimizes friction and chafing so irritation will never be a problem. This makes the product a recommended item for golfers who frequently play.


The MLH Perma-Soft does well when it comes to their features however, since golf gloves are usually only worn on one hand, also known as the lead hand, it only comes as a single glove. If you want to use the item for colder weather, you have to buy two separate gloves.


The Titleist Golf MLH Perma-Soft Golf Glove will satisfy the needs of the most finicky golf player who wants to have a go with a glove. The golf glove from this brand has several great features that will make playing more enjoyable for you.

It has an excellent, supple feel, supreme breathability, and great moisture-resistant properties; it is made with quality Cabretta leather and has excellent stitching as well. It is worth the purchase and recommended for players who regularly hit the courses.