Simple Ways to Finding The Right Golf Glove Sizing

Simple Ways to Finding The Right Golf Glove Sizing

It is easy to forget about gloves when you do your first golf gear shopping spree. This important piece of protective wear can easily be overlooked because most golfers — especially those getting started in the game — fail to see its importance.

However, just so you know, gloves are what keeps your hand firmly gripped on the club. Without a proper grip, you may lose control of your game. All the more reason to should always include the right type and size of gloves on your shopping list.

Finding the right golf glove sizing doesn’t require any expertise. You just have to keep in mind the fact that the fit and comfort should feel right. Before buying any gloves, you should try them on first to ensure that they are a perfect size.

Most stores allow you to do that, although if you are shopping online ensure that you get the right sizing specifications from the manufacturer site.

There are two main types of golf gloves, namely; cadet and regular gloves. Each of these glove types has very different shapes and sizes. For instance, the cadet style glove is for golfers with short fingers but with bigger palms, while regular size gloves are designed for golfers with proportionate fingers and palms.

Ensure that you get this difference right so you can identify the right golf glove sizing for you. If you aren’t sure of this, let someone else help you.

Apart from the sizing types, you should consider the hand orientation. You should always wear the glove on the top hand; the one close to your clasp. Hence if you are right handed, this would be your left hand. If you are a left-handed golfer then your top hand will be the right hand.

Ensure that the glove has a comfortable stretch across the palm of your hand, and that the fingers are not too short nor too long. An important thing to note is that a lot of golf gloves tend to stretch, so remember that when you’re out shopping for golf gloves. This is just so that the glove you eventually choose will be the right size and fit.

The glove you choose should be the right fit across both the palms and the fingers. This is so that you can easily fasten the straps to keep the glove locked in securely.

However, if the strap tends to overlap onto your hand then consider trying another glove. Also, the right glove size should not be loose, therefore if you find that the material feels loose on either, then that means the gloves are not the proper fit for you.

Remember that golf glove sizing varies with manufacturer and region. You need to take your time by trying on various sizes and until you find one that suits you. You don’t necessary need to have gloves on to play all the holes, but even so, by wearing gloves when golfing you protect your hands and improve your game. To find the right size gloves,

  • Measure your hand’s size and compare the measurements to the sizing provided by the manufacturers. While doing this, remember that sizes vary with manufacturers, so it’s best to try a few options before you settle on what feels right.
  • Look at the material used to make the glove. As much as the materials need to be durable and sturdy, it should also be flexible particularly in the finger joints.
  • And finally, as mentioned above, try on different sizes. You can seek the help of the attendant to find the best sizing for if need be. Try grabbing a club with the glove on to see how well the glove grips and feels on your hand. When shopping, trying on different sizes is simply the best way to get the best golf glove for you.

In conclusion, you should know that an improper fit can really lower your score. More importantly, it exposes you to risk of injury when the glove doesn’t grip properly. Golf requires confidence, and with an ill-fitting glove, your confidence drastically lowers which affects your entire performance.

The bottom line is, strive to get the right golf glove size.