How to Wear Golf Gloves

How to Wear Golf Gloves

How do I wear golf gloves? That is a question that many average golfers will ask. Even some professional golfers that have an outstanding golf game seem to struggle with golf gloves. It is not surprising when you find even the most experienced golf players struggling with this issue.

It is crazy to think how well some golfers play and yet they still do not know the basics of golf gloves. However, like most of us, they struggle with some things a lot.

So, how long have you been wondering about golf gloves, golf glove sizing, hand placement, and playing with gloves on? I can’t guess how long, but it must be for some time if you’ve landed here. Well, I am here to tell you that your worrying stops now and you can learn some of the best tricks for getting your gloves on and wearing your golf gloves correctly.

Let us start with the basics, like why is wearing a golf glove important?

Why you should wear gloves

Golf gloves, like most sport and fitness gloves, protect your hands from injury. Aside from that, they help improve your overall game. You don’t need any better reason than that to get yourself a good pair of golf gloves, but I will still provide you with more reasons.

Gloves are essential to getting a better grip on your club. The sticky material on the gloves is what prevents them from slipping or turning during your stroke, regardless of the weather.

Moreover, wearing golf gloves on your hands will keep you warm during the cold weather. This will make you more comfortable during winter or any cold time that you find yourself playing 18-holes.

Choosing the right golf gloves

Comfort and fit are the most important things to consider when selecting a glove. The glove you buy must be comfortable and fit well. You need to ensure that the gloves fit your palms and fingers snugly. You also need to consider a glove that is easy to fasten, while making sure that the gloves material isn’t too loose or else it will cause blisters.

Also, look out for the right features in a glove, especially if you have any unique needs or problems that should be addressed when wearing a glove. For example, there are gloves with a slit for a wedding ring and there are gloves designed for arthritis and other health problems.

Additionally, and most importantly, make sure you are buying a glove for the correct hand. A right-handed golfer needs a left-handed glove, the left hand being the top hand. A left-handed golfer needs a right-handed glove.

A poor fitting golf glove will drive you crazy.  It can distract and disrupt your entire golf round. Furthermore, an ill-fitting glove can cause slippage and loss of control, costing you strokes which can significantly hurt your confidence.

How to wear gloves

There is no particular method or formula to wearing a golf glove. You just need to insert your hand in the gloves with fingers in their place and fasten it safely. Unlike the conventional protective hand clothing for cold seasons, golf gloves aren’t necessarily worn in pairs. Most of the time only one glove is worn, although it varies with golfers.

What is most important is that you wear the glove on your lead hand. This is to ensure that you maintain a better a grip on the club. If you are left handed, you will likely wear the glove in the right hand. Similarly, if you are right handed you will wear the glove in the opposite hand.

It is amazing how you can improve your game when you understand the importance of gloves and how to wear them correctly.

Consider these important aspects

  • Ensure that your gloves give you a good grip. If the grip is compromised, think of replacing it
  • When wearing gloves, do not grip the club too tight or too You need to exert minimal pressure on the club to give you a comfortable grip. Otherwise, you might affect the quality of your game or even tear the gloves

Learning how to wear golf gloves is vital to your overall game and hand protection. Believe me when I say that a better grip will not only improve your strokes, but will also protect you from accidents and injuries caused by slippage of the club when you’re swinging.

The information in this article should help wear your gloves right and have better golf rounds.