How to Choose and Wear Golf Gloves Properly

How to Choose and Wear Golf Gloves Properly

The golf glove is a key accessory that is important to a golfer’s game. It has its advantages and its influence is significantly seen on a golfer’s swing. It can provide protection for the golfer’s hands, and it also gives players a solid, stable grip on their clubs. This is crucial especially during damp weather or whenever the hands become sweaty during a sweltering weather.

The golf glove is not usually worn on both hands though, but during colder weather, golfers can use a pair for protection against the cold. If you are right-handed, a solid grip is a reason why golf glove on the left hand is worn and vice versa.

The golf swing involves the use of the golfer’s hands and the club. During a swing, there is friction produced between the club and the hands with the fingers coming in contact with the handle of the club.

The glove will prevent the fingers and hands from getting blisters and calluses especially if you haven’t gotten around to playing the sport for a while. If you want full protection on both hands though you can choose to wear both gloves during a game.

The club can slip out of the player’s hands during a game especially if they are on the sweaty side. Without gloves, a player tries to prevent this by compensating with an overly tight grip on the club.

Many beginning golfers do this and it reduces the flexibility of the hands required to produce sufficient power. Using a golf glove will provide traction and it will let them slacken their grip without worrying about the club slipping and ruining their play.

Before you buy gloves, consider which hand will be wearing the glove. The proper answer for this is the opposite hand. As mentioned earlier, if you are right handed, you should wearing a golf glove on the left hand; for left-handed players, the glove will be worn on the right hand. The hand which is positioned on the club is the lead hand, and grip is important during the swing.

Glove manufacturers make gloves for the sport that are intended to fit the player’s hand properly. To offer a flawless fit for a variety of hand sizes, high-quality golf gloves come in regular sizes from small, medium, large and extra-large.

There are also extra regular sizes of golf gloves—the cadet size and the medium-large size. The cadet size is meant for players with broader palms and shorter fingers while the latter suit a majority of adults.

Looking for the best golf gloves will not require professional know-how. However, you do have to remember a few important things when shopping for one.

Make sure that the gloves will fit your palm perfectly and have an appropriate fit. It is recommended that you try the gloves on before buying. Most stores let their customers check the fit so you can be sure of the sizing.

The glove should be worn on the top hand, which is the nearest to the belt buckle. Hence, if you are right handed, it would be the left hand and for left-handed players, the right.

The glove must provide a comfortable give throughout the player’s palm and the fingers must not be too short or overly long. One important factor to remember is that many golf gloves have some stretch to them so be conscious of that fact when you are shopping.

The glove must fit right throughout the fingers and palm so that the Velcro strap can be secured. Guarantee that the strap does not go too far across the hand or leaves too much of a gap.

If you notice any loose material on the palm or the fingers, then the gloves are too big. This is crucial because if you ignore this, it can lead to blisters due to chafing between the material and the skin.

Golf gloves are easy to find in golf equipment stores and you can also find them online. If you shop online, you can even come across great deals. Now that you know how a golf glove should fit, you should be able to purchase one that will give you the proper grip to support your swing.