FootJoy Golf- MLH WeatherSof Golf Gloves Review

FootJoy Golf- MLH WeatherSof Golf Gloves Review

Comfort and consistency should be some of the fundamental aspects to get out of your ideal golfing glove. This will not only allow you to perform better on the golf course, but will also ensure that you always enjoy the fun that comes with the game.

There are several types of golf gloves on the market, thus making it somewhat difficult to understand which one will give you the best performance. This article provides a review of FootJoy Golf glove. It will allow you make informed choices when you finally decide to shop for a pair of gloves for your next golf outing.


Many golfers have recently started to express interest in FootJoy WeatherSof gloves. The primary reason for this interest is some of the excellent features that it comes with. It is also important to note that you only get the best tools for your golf game when you do adequate research to determine what works best.

One great feature that this glove offers the golfing community is its long-lasting durability. This is an ideal feature that you should never overlook when shopping not only for these gloves but also for any other golfing gloves on the market.

The FootJoy glove is made from Premium Cabretta leather, which gives it the ability to be resilient and thus, last longer without wearing out easily.

The other advantageous feature of this glove is that it provides a comfortable and consistent fit. What this means is that whenever you are using this particular glove when golfing, you will be able to attain the consistent fit that will allow you to comfort during your round.

The result of this feature is the ability to attain the better results that you most likely desire. The other related feature is comfort, which is provided by the high-quality construction of this glove.

It is also manufactured in a manner that enhances the grip during all-weather play. What this means is that during your round, this glove will provide an ideal amount of contact between the hands and the golf club.

This is important to ensure that whenever you hold the golf club, your chances of getting a good shot increase since there will be minimal loose movement in the hands when holding the club.

The other feature for this golf glove is that it has a soft-feel. This is a result of the microfiber that has been used as part of manufacturing. This material provides the long-lasting difference when it comes to the way the gloves feel on your hands.

The soft-feel is ideal for the user because it helps provide comfort during your golf round for a better experience and improved results.


  • The glove comes in both left and right handed orientation. This is advantageous because it shows that you will not be limited to a single orientation if you are looking for options. The ultimate impact of this it provides the options for both hands orientation.
  • It is made of synthetic leather, which is important to enhance the feeling, durability and flexibility in most major contact areas. The fact that it is made from synthetic leather also means that it will have a better wearing compared to leather since it will not be able to crack and dry as the leather material would normally wear out.
  • They come in the standard sizes of Small, Medium and Large. This is beneficial because it does not limit you to a particular All you need to do in this case is to establish your hand and finger size and order the one that will fit you appropriately.
  • The FootJoy Gloves are also affordable. What you ought to know is that this glove offers better performance than many pricey golf gloves in the market. What this essentially implies is that you do not necessarily have to go for the overpriced gloves because this FootJoy will give you more than you can get from the other brands.


  • Does not provide adequate solid grip on the club
  • Lacks sufficient means of absorbing moisture
  • Lacks the ability to enhance breathability


It is an ideal glove for golfing for both amateurs and professionals because it is affordable and readily available on the market. What this means is that you do not necessarily need to spend a lot of money when purchasing highly-priced gloves for purposes that can be served by the FootJoy Golf- MLH WeatherSof Golf Gloves.

Ultimately, it stands out among the best golf gloves of its category and is thus an ideal choice for you out there on the golf course. However, you should always make your purchase through trusted dealers to avoid cases of buying counterfeit or substandard FootJoy golf gloves.