Callaway Men’s Dawn Patrol Golf Glove Review

Callaway Men’s Dawn Patrol Golf Glove Review

Any ardent golfer understands that the best way to enjoy the game and at the same time attain the desirable results is by having all the necessary accessories. Callaway Men’s Dawn Patrol Golf Glove is one of the accessories that you should ideally obtain as a golfer.

You need to understand that winning starts with adequate psychological preparation more than anything else.  This golfing accessory will not only make it easier for you to enjoy the game but it will also give you a winning mentality as a player.

Here is a detailed review of this product that will open your eyes in realizing more information about the game.


One important aspect that you need to understand with the Callaway Golf Glove is that is has been manufactured using the latest technology that gives it the ability to conform to the highest golfing gaming standards. This is important because it gives the user safety and convenience.

Another feature that makes the Callaway outstanding is the fact that it is made up of all-leather construction. The reason for this is that it provides the glove with some beneficial aspects including durability, comfort and great fit, among others.

The other great feature of this glove is that it is made with perforations on different sections such as palm, finger, and thumb. Since golfing can make the hands of the user sweat often when gloves tightly cover the palm and fingers, the purpose of these holes will be to help increase breathability and at the same time, reduce moisture accumulation in the hands.

Another feature worth mentioning regarding this particular golf glove is that it has an opti-fit adjustable closure. This not only makes it possible for the user to adjust it to ensure great fit when golfing, but also enables the user to attain efficiency since the Opti-Fit adjustable closure is thin and light.

The other ideal feature for the Callaway is that it is made of a Cotton Terry Cuff. The purpose of this is that it is beneficial in playing the role of absorption of moisture, and at the same time provides a relatively soft feel.

Also, since the material used in manufacturing this glove is 100% leather, it eliminates any possibility of the glove negatively reacting with the body of the golfer or causing any allergic reactions.


  • It is Flexible: This glove provides flexibility in the sense that when you purchase it, you only need to buy one for the specific hand where you would wish to wear it on, and not necessarily according to your hand orientation.
  • 100% leather: It is made of all leather material, which provides it with the ability to last for a relatively longer duration before it starts wearing out.
  • Affordable: It comes at a very cost effective price which is worth it. This means that you will be able to obtain an ideal golfing glove without necessarily deflating your pockets.
  • Enhances efficiency: It ideally increases performance during gaming because of the perforations on some of the sections, which help ensure that moisture is reduced and breathability is improved during golfing.
  • Comes in various sizes: It is available in a variety of sizes including small, medium, large and more. This is vital because different people have different hand sizes, thus the variety of sizes makes it easy for you to go for one that is comfortable and that fits your hands. This is good for golfing because you are guaranteed to have a glove that will fit your hands and retain its fit for as long as possible.
  • It is comfortable: It provides great comfort during use and it is also appealing to the eye. The comfort is brought about by the excellent construction, which gives much consideration to the fact that the golfer has to be comfortable during play for efficiency and better results.


  • Mostly preferable for people with relatively small hands and shorter fingers
  • This glove does not have a palm pad
  • Its size is somewhat on the small side for many golfers.


In most occasions, a good number of amateur and professional golfers find it difficult to decide why this accessory should be their ideal choice. The Callaway Men’s Dawn Patrol Golf Glove is an excellent choice that you should immediately go for.

The features are just epic, and suitable for any passionate golfer who wishes to get the best from their golf game. Nevertheless, its cost is another plus as to why you ought to go for this golfing accessory, for the quality it offers is more than enough value for the cost. You’re guaranteed to have a win-win situation.