Callaway Golf OptiColor Premium Leather Gloves Review

Callaway Golf OptiColor Premium Leather Gloves Review

Do you have plans to buy a golf glove? It is important that you test out the glove’s fit since it is crucial when it comes to taking advantage of its functions. You have to take into consideration the comfort the glove will provide when you are playing the sport.

Take away the comfort factor and it will have a negative impact on your performance. If you want your selection to be easier, why not read reviews regarding golf gloves? This review will provide you with information about Callaway Golf’s OptiColor Premium Leather Gloves.


  • Intended to provide players with equal parts style, performance, and comfort
  • Made with OptiFeel leather for a premium feel, comfort, and excellent fit
  • Has perforations on the palm, fingers, and top of the hand to prevent moisture and provide excellent breathability
  • Includes comfortable wrist elastic design for wider, smoother movement
  • Comes in a selection of striking colors


The golf glove is not a necessity in order to play the game, but for many pros and amateurs, wearing one can definitely take their game to the next level. The advantages it brings to the player makes it a crucial accessory, so it has become a good idea to wear a golf glove on the course.

It is always important to have an excellent swing and the swing can be attributed to the manner in which you grip the club. The golf glove contributes to the overall outcome of your swing; it will prevent slippage of your hands on the club, thus resulting in better swing results.

A golf glove like the Callaway OptiColor is crucial for guaranteeing that you will always have a reliable, solid grip on the club without putting too much pressure on it or overly squeezing the club. Too much squeezing of the club generates unwarranted tension on the player’s forearms, hands, and wrist, which are not recommended.

Furthermore, the glove will help you avoid blisters and calluses since it decreases friction between the club and the hand. The glove will also safeguard the hands from cold weather and will keep them warm and dry. Hands that are too cold can lead to mediocre shots since you cannot properly grip the club. However, by wearing a golf glove, you can be assured that this will not happen.

The advantages that a golf glove like the OptiColor can bring show you why wear a glove is important when playing a round. The OptiColor is made with leather and this is often a popular choice among players since it has an excellent feel and provides a top-notch grip.

If you are concerned with style and you want to combine great performance with flair, choosing colored gloves like this one from Callaway Golf will indeed liven things up on your side. The OptiColor is available in a great selection of colors and it can be donned on both the right and the left hand.

The glove features perforations on the fingers, the palm and the thumb for excellent breathable properties and to reduce sweating. The OptiColor fits the needs of the trendy golfer who want form, function, and style to go hand in hand. The model is available in a range of sizes too so you can get one that will totally conform to your hand size.


When it comes to choosing a golf glove, you have to consider the size, and this is an essential factor in acquiring a glove that works perfectly.

Callaway’s OptiColor does have a few problems when it comes to the sizing of gloves. It is known that manufacturers often differ when it comes to the sizing of their gloves, and this is why it is critical that you try the glove on for fit before you purchase it.


The Callaway Golf OptiColor Premium Leather Gloves is made for the stylish golfer. It comes in a great range of stunning colors that will perk up the course, made with high-quality soft leather, and it also comes in multiple sizes. The OptiColor combines all the important facets of a glove, from its functionality down to appearance, so this one is worth the buy.