Bionic Men’s RelaxGrip Golf Glove Review

Bionic Men's RelaxGrip Golf Glove Review

If you think golf gloves are a modern invention, you should think again. Golf gloves were first produced in the late 1800s as a means to safeguard the hands of a golfer. This was a suitable solution for that time since early golf club grips were made from uncomfortable leather material.

Over time, the golf club was upgraded but still, the golf glove retained its purpose and further improved its features. Now, the golf glove improves the grip quality of every player.

Want to buy a good golf glove but don’t have any idea where to buy the best? For this review, we are going to discuss the RelaxGrip for Men by Bionic.


  • Has a back made with synthetic material and a leather palm
  • Comes with sturdy, durable fabrics for longer service
  • Includes a patented pad system which makes hand surface smooth for better, relaxed grip
  • Has distinctive black palm which wears even better compared to white ones
  • Includes Lycra, which gives comfortable movement
  • Has web zones that improve flexibility and fit
  • Is machine washable


Wearing a golf glove like the Bionic Men’s RelaxGrip provides users with a more enhanced grip. Players who have never used gloves before usually find themselves tightly gripping their clubs, which can affect the quality of their swing.

A tighter grip often leads tension in the hand, wrist and forearm, and it can produce problems during a swing. This golf glove features a heel pad and plenty of grip compared to the bare hand. You will never have to grasp the club that tightly anymore if you wear a golf glove; thus, you will have better control when it comes to your swing.

The item offers other benefits due to the material it is made of. The RelaxGrip combines the best of both worlds—it has a synthetic back and a leather palm which makes for great comfort and feel. The materials offer complete flexibility so you can smoothly move your fingers and maximize control over the club.

The gloves are also there to keep your hands warm and dry whenever you play in cold and damp weather. It allows you to avoid blisters and calluses which are brought about by the constant use of the club due to friction.

Using a glove in hot weather is also an advantage since it keeps moisture away from the club. The club will remain dry due to the presence of the glove and it will not slip out of the golfer’s hand.

There are golfers who prefer a thin material for their glove, while others like it a bit more substantial. If you notice whenever you grasp the club, you are making use of the joints in the fingers. The constant gripping during a game, allows the pads of fat in the fingers to cave in; hence, it decreases the padding effect in due course.

The RelaxGrip glove is cushioned and this patented padding system is called anatomical relief by the brand. The pads are strategically positioned in the palm and fingers to help you whenever you grip the golf club.

Since the cushioning is lifted in the segments between your knuckles, it gives your hand get complete surface contact with the grip on the golf club, allowing you to grip the club in a lighter manner, therefore, decreasing fatigue and tension.

If in case you are afflicted with arthritis, you can give the RelaxGrip a shot. Find out whether it will provide you a better grip and ease soreness right after a game. You can now enjoy a round of golf without suffering afterwards.

Even if you do not have arthritis or any similar condition, you can still enjoy the product’s benefits. The product will provide you with the padding you require for a more enjoyable game.


One drawback of the RelaxGrip is that it can get a bit slippery over time, which is bad news if you live in hot locations. However, they make for excellent cold weather golf gloves.


The Bionic Men’s RelaxGrip Golf Glove rates high when it comes to its patented cushioning system so with that feature alone, it makes the item worth the buy. It is comfortable to wear; the size is excellent and wearing it does improve the grip.