Bionic Men’s Performance Grip Golf Glove Review

Bionic Men's Performance Grip Golf Glove Review

If you want some gloves that will make you feel like you aren’t even wearing them, but will still provide you with the excellent quality and comfort, then this Bionic men’s performance Grip golf glove is the ideal make for you.

Known for being extremely flexible and lightweight, the Bionic gloves serve golfers well when worn during a golf round and perform better than most other gloves as well.

It is a glove designed by a professional orthopedic surgeon and factors in all possible aspects of the hand. By this, I mean that these gloves are designed and made to be worn by all types of golfers, even those with problems like arthritis or other pain related problems of the hand.


There is more to the Bionic men’s performance grip gloves than just being a brainchild of a successful orthopedic surgeon.

The features and craftsmanship of the gloves clearly indicate that brainy innovations and the latest technology were used in the gloves from the start of its design and manufacturing to the end. Here are some of its amazing features;

  • The performance grip golf gloves are approved by the USGA for use in golf competitions and tournaments as it is of proven quality and standards.
  • These gloves are carefully designed with Anatomical relief pad systems that are carefully and strategically placed on the main pressure points of the gloves to even out pressure when gripping the club, thus reducing hand fatigue and increasing your strength and confidence for better play.
  • Another feature is the use of Lycra in individual key areas where bending and creasing tend to occur. The Lycra is added to these areas to give you a more natural flex when gripping, thus enhancing the comfort and feel of your hands on the club. What’s more is that the Lycra is breathable, therefore it helps your hands to stay cool and dry throughout your golf round.
  • The pre-rotated finger design incorporated in the product enables the gloves to adapt to the rotating motion of the hand, allowing you to grip the club better while maintaining a natural feel and comfort.
  • These gloves are designed by a top orthopedic surgeon and, even better, made with high quality materials that not only increase longevity but also provide golfers with a better service and feel when wearing them during a game. Moreover, the patented technology that is forged in the product ensures that you have a more natural and flexible grip that is like no other.


Every product has its strengths and weakness, and for this one there is are some good and bad things to acknowledge. Let’s look at some of the things users like about these particular gloves;

  • Super light grip – there are a few features on the product like the pre-rotated finger design and the use of Lycra in the major motion zones that enhance your grip. With these gloves, you will feel that you can easily grip your club without applying so much pressure. This makes you relaxed, comfortable and more focused on your strokes. At the end of the day, you will realize that the quality of your strokes and overall game is improved with wearing these Bionic performance gloves when golfing.
  • Enhanced flexibility – with Lycra put in all key motion zones; you will get to experience a different kind of feel and comfort every time you grip the club. It is not just that your grip will be firmer but will also feel natural. Additionally, the Lycra is breathable and conforms to the hand when worn, so you won’t even feel as if you are wearing anything when playing.
  • Exceptional quality – the quality of these golf gloves is undoubted. The design itself is proven to work well for most golfers, more so for those who have hand issues that restrict them from wearing just any type of glove. Also, the material used to design this product is of excellent quality; it is a high-grade Cabretta leather that is well known for longevity.
  • Comfortable – it is apparent from the features and construction of the product that it is designed for comfort. Wearing these Bionic gloves for a round will let you experience a natural flexing motion of the hand, making you feel more comfortable and at ease when gripping the club.


Although highly praised, these gloves have a few downsides too;

  • They have all that a golfer needs to play better, but are very expensive for the average consumer.
  • Once they wear out, you will need to replace them since stitching only makes them worse.


It is every golfer’s wish to have gloves that won’t burden them when playing, but rather provide them with better protection, grip, and comfort. With these Bionic men’s performance grip golf gloves, you will experience a combination of all three and even better flexibility and control. So, if you are comfortable with its market price, then invest in these fantastic golf gloves today.