Best Golf Gloves This 2017

Best Golf Gloves This 2017

Finding the best golf gloves to enhance your golf game is one of the most overlooked parts of being a golfer. In most cases, golfers will focus on getting the best clubs, bag, and balls, but settle for any average glove.

Settling for any average golf glove is wrong because a glove does not just serve as protective gear as most people assume. Golf gloves, rather, serve many purposes besides just offering protection.

During a round of golf, you tend to put maximum effort into your swing, but have you ever wondered why the club never goes flying out of your hand when you swing it with so much effort? It is because your grip on the club is firm, which is one of the main advantages of wearing a glove.

It provides maximum traction for slip protection when swinging your club. Moreover, you became more comfortable and assured of safety because you can hold on properly to your club.

Why do you need golf gloves?

Few golfers play without wearing gloves. Just a few do, and they are most often novices who haven’t realized that gloves have a significance role in their overall game. Just to echo what has been stated above, golf gloves are a key equipment to your golf game. A good golf glove is a factor in the game, just like you, your club and ultimately your swing.

They offer protection to your hands, but most importantly they give you a better grip on the club, which is important when you have sweaty hands or are playing in rainy or hot conditions.


You already know that when golfing, there is a point of friction between your hands and the club as well as your fingers as they rub against each other. Wearing gloves for golfing will reduce the point of friction keeping your hands and fingers safe from blistering.


Poor grip forces you to want to hold the club too tightly, making you uncomfortable during the game. Additionally, the poor grip may divide your attention as you are forced to also concentrate on your grip instead of giving full attention to the game.

For these reasons, it is essential that you have a good grip so that the club does not slip out of your hands, and to make sure you have 100% concentration on your game. Good traction, as provided by golf gloves, will allow you to have a comfortable and firm grip on the club.


It is common for the weather to change according to various seasons. Having protective gear on during extreme weather, especially during the cold, will help keep you warm and comfortable throughout your round of golf.

So now that you know why you need golf gloves, what are some of the things you should be looking for in choosing these gloves?

What to consider when selecting a golf glove

First, there are various golf glove brands available today. Not these brands are equal, as each is unique. A high quality golf glove should give you a good grip while protecting your hands and fingers from blistering due to excessive friction. It should also be comfortable, so find the right size that fits you perfectly.


A good fit helps to maintain a firm and steady grip when swinging the club during play. Try on different fits to find a pair that hugs your hand perfectly. Gloves that are too thick may compromise the firmness of your grip on the club and mess up the quality of your shots.

Moreover, excessively thick or loose gloves may also provide very minimal protection to your hands, thus making them susceptible to blisters.


There are different sized golf gloves to choose from, and these sizes vary just like hand sizes. Often you will find gloves marked differently as medium, cadet, large, medium-large, etc. For instance, medium sized gloves are for medium sized palms and medium sized fingers while medium-large are for medium palms and average length fingers.

In short, the glove size corresponds to the size of the palm and fingers. The trick to finding the right size gloves is to try on each one as you search. Ensure that the glove you choose has does not leave room at the end of the fingers.


A well-fitting glove should have a thin material that snugs your palm and leaves no extra room at the end of the fingers.

Furthermore, find gloves with material that appeals to you regarding style and comfort. There is a wide variety of glove materials available. Leather, synthetic, nylon and knitted fabric are the most common glove materials and each material appeals to users differently.

Since the choice of glove material is based on individual preference, it is imperative that you consider climatic factors before deciding on the best glove material. There are various styles for different golf weather conditions.


When looking for the best gloves for golf, it is important that you take the cost factor into consideration. While golf gloves do not cost a lot of money and you shouldn’t spend too much on a pair, you should know that you will get what you pay for. Also, consider your budget so that you don’t overspend without thinking.

Moreover, consider buying from reputable brands that assure you of the quality and durability of the product.

Top 5 best quality golf gloves in the market

If you are looking for an easy and efficient way to up your golf game, then consider buying new golf gloves. Believe it or not, you can find quality golf gloves at a price that is less than $10. Therefore, price shouldn’t be a barrier for you when getting new high quality gloves to improve your golf performance.

You don’t need anything major in a pair of gloves apart from the good grip and ability to control the club when you’re playing. Therefore, finding the best golf gloves for you should be an easy task. Below is a list of the top 5 highest quality gloves that you can consider. This list is arranged in no particular order.

Callaway Men’s Dawn Patrol Golf Gloves

This model can be found for under $10 at some retailers. This is an ideal all weather glove. The Callaway Men’s Dawn Patrol Golf Glove works its magic by redirecting moisture away from the hands, helping your hands breathe better and feel more comfortable.

These gloves feature Opti-fit adjustable closure which is thin, light and provides the hands and fingers with a secure grip. Additionally, they feature cotton terry cuffs that give you a soft feel when playing with them and absorb excess moisture.

Features and benefits of the product

  • Highly durable – featuring a high quality all leather construction, this golf glove is designed for longevity.
  • Enhanced breathability – this is an advantage especially for games played in hot weather. The gloves have features such as the cotton terry cuff and perforations on the palms which help to reduce moisture while increasing breathability in the glove.
  • Easily adjustable – for a glove, you need to make adjustments, and these Callaway gloves are equipped with an adjustable closure that allows you to adjust the fit whenever it is necessary.
  • Affordable – evidently these gloves are affordable, and finding a product with all these features retailing at under $10 is a deal too good to ignore.
  • Has both right and left-hand orientation – the possibility of buying both hand orientations helps you to keep everything uniformed and even.


  • You need to take good care of the cotton terry cuff in these gloves otherwise, it will start to smell due to excess moisture absorbed.
  • They run small. Therefore, you need to order a size larger for a perfect fit.

Although its sizes run small, this Callaway men’s dawn patrol glove is an excellent product for the price. It is better than most gloves you can get in the same price range.

FootJoy MLH WeatherSof Golf Gloves

The FootJoy MLH WeatherSof Golf Gloves are next on the list. These gloves deliver on their promise. They provide comfort, excellent durability and exceptional, consistent grip. They are made of premium Cabretta leather and microfiber, which provides superior grip performance and a long lasting soft feel during play.

Features and benefits of the product

  • Long-lasting durability – for being made with the leather material, the durability is self-assured in these gloves.
  • Comfortable, consistent fit – the delicate microfiber material, plus the excellent FootJoy quality Cabretta leather makes this glove a truly great choice for golfers. What’s more is that the gloves are available in all sizes, therefore regardless of whether your palm size is large, medium, or small, there is always a FootJoy Golf WeatherSof glove for you.
  • Excellent grip – the grasp of these gloves is extremely firm, and it gets even better when the weather is moist. You can be assured of a good solid grip all day and have excellent shots regardless of the weather during play.


  • Runs a little small

You will love these gloves as they are not just made of excellent quality but they are also good for the price. Their fit, grip and overall feel are just as good as higher priced models. For the price, I don’t think there is anything to complain about with these golf gloves.

MG Golf DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather Golf Glove

The MG Golf DynaGrip Golf Glove can be purchased for about $8 or $9. One of the best qualities of this glove is its durability, which allows you to wear this glove for ages before you think of replacing them.

Anyone looking for a durable glove with a traditional and comfortable design should consider purchasing DynaGrip gloves. Also, you should not be swayed away from investing in this model because of its traditional look, as it is a long-lasting and durable glove.

Features and benefits of the gloves

  • Excellent performance – with an all Cabretta construction, tradition look, and soft feel, these MG DynaGrip gloves are made for high quality performance. What’s more, is that the gloves are from a durable brand named MG Golf that has won several PGA tours for its top-quality golf gloves.
  • Highly durable – as it is mentioned in most reviews concerning these gloves, the durability aspect is inarguable. The brand utilizes premium imported high quality Cabretta leather that is not just durable, but also incredibly soft.
  • Resists moisture – the leather material used is, as mentioned, buttery soft, but it also undergoes a median tanning process that makes it moisture resistant and provides a sticky connection between your hands and the club.
  • Excellent hand hugging fit – this is enabled by the leather material that gives you a sticky grip which only requires a little pressure from you when swinging the club, unlike other gloves that are less grippy and need maximum pressure when swinging.


  • Although the MG DynaGrip golf gloves are of super quality and are from a reputable brand, they are quite overpriced in comparison to other quality gloves that are more reasonably priced.
  • The glove has no palm patch to lessen abrasion with the grip

Talk about quality, good fit, great feel and durability all in one, what else would you want in golf glove? This DynaGrip glove from MD Golf is undoubtedly a great buy

Under Armour Men’s CoolSwitch Golf Glove

This Under Armour product is another impressive and stunning golf glove that is also known for its excellent heat regulating ability. Like most renowned sports gloves, Under Armour Men’s CoolSwitch Golf Glove is another fantastic golf glove which is well-known for its comfort and its distinctiveness.

I must say that Under Armor has clearly tried to provide golfers with an excellent golf glove to improve their overall game performance.

Features and benefits of the product

  • Unique heat regulation – it is common for the hands to sweat and experience discomfort when playing golf in hot weather conditions. This glove, however, utilizes UA CoolSwitch that uses an exclusive coating on the inside which works to reduce the amount of heat felt on the hand. Overall, this keeps your hands cool, allowing you to play longer and better.
  • Made with the famous Cabretta leather – this leather material is mostly used to make high quality gloves and as such is known to provide golfers with a good firm grip, excellent snug fit and superior comfort for the hands and fingers
  • Excellent moisture absorption – Under Armour fills these gloves with Micro perfs and a moisture transport system which help to absorb excess moisture from your hands while enhancing ventilation when playing.


  • Many customers report that these Under Armor gloves rip out quickly, so they don’t last as long as advertised.

Although the product has some amazing features that every golfer needs to give a boost to his game, the quality seems to be an issue of contention amongst many users. Therefore, for its price, you can get a higher quality glove from a reputable brand.

Bionic Men’s Performance Grip Golf Glove

Anyone looking for a lightweight glove with flexibility and comfort should consider purchasing a Bionic. The Bionic Men’s Performance Grip Golf Glove on average sells at anywhere from $20 to $72. Regarding price, this glove could scare a potential buyer especially those looking for a budget friendly product.

Features and benefits of the product

  • Instant flexibility – these gloves are made with breathable lycra overall motion zones that give this golf glove the ability to stretch and perfectly take the form of the hand to increase flexibility and comfort.
  • Provides a light but firm grip – as a Bionic product, this glove features a pre-rotated finger design that naturally rotates towards the center of your hand giving you a lighter, easy, and comfortable grip.
  • Enhanced comfort and feel – the materials, innovations, and technology used when designing this product give users high quality comfort when in play.


  • Although it is of exceptional quality, this Bionic Men’s Performance Grip Golf Glove is expensive.
  • Need to be cleaned regularly as they get dirty easily and quickly.
  • Some customers complain that the gloves wear out quickly and don’t get better with stitching.

These gloves are of exceptional quality, although they are a little pricey, but they make up for that with excellent performance.


Keep in mind that gloves differ in brand and specifications. Also, they differ in size, material, and patterns. To be able to choose the highest quality golf glove for you, ensure that you try on at least 5 or 6 different brands, sizes, and materials until you find the perfect make and fit.

Based on our roundup above, the FootJoy MLH WeatherSof Golf Gloves are our pick because they are comfortable and seem to last a little bit longer than most of the other top brands of gloves. It is a personal choice however on what works best, and needs and preferences differ for every golfer. So, get out there and find the best golf gloves for you and enjoy your next round of golf.